Green For Clean
  • Powerful
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Chemical Free
  • Easy To Use
  • Affordable
As Seen On TV
As Seen On:
You may have seen the H2O® SteamFX Pro on some of the countries most popular TV Channels.
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Gives You 5 in 1 Cleaning!
1 - Steam Floor Cleaner
Hard Surface Cleaner
Spot Cleaner
Garment Steamer
Upholstery Steamer
1. Floor Cleaner
• Converts in seconds to a powerful floor cleaner
• Sanitize and polish hardwood, tile, and linoleum
• Clean and deodorize carpets
• Great for helping to clean pet accident
2. Hard Surface Cleaner
• Clean glass, mirrors and polish stainless to a streak free shine
• Tackle hard water and soap scum in the bathroom
• Melt away grease and grime in the kitchen
3. Spot Cleaner
• Perfect for accidental spills and quick clean up all over the house
• Clean, deodorize and help sanitize in one step
4. Garment & Drape Steamer
Remove wrinkles from clothes, fabrics, curtains and more
5. Upholstery & Fabric Steamer
• Deodorize furniture and upholstery in the house and car
• Refresh your mattress and bedding, helps to eliminate bedbugs
Breakthrough Innovation
Powerful, Super-Hot Steam
Clean & Sanitize without Nasty Chemicals & heats to 120° in less than 30 seconds
Continuous Steam Trigger
Hands free, continuous steam making cleaning your entire home easier!
Ergonomic, Lightweight Design
Easy to carry up and down stairs & easy to manoeuvre around couches, chairs & more!
From Floor Cleaner to Hand-Held Steamer in Seconds!
Eliminates the need for two separate products! Clean everything in your home with Steam!
Large Size Water Tank
Extra-Large 320ml tank cleans longer without refilling so it makes cleaning quicker & easier!

You can now get the H2O SteamFX Pro with the must-have Prestige Pack

The Unique Features Of The SteamFX Pro
Stores In A Drawer
It's so compact, you can store the SteamFX Pro and the attachments in a drawer
3 Adjustable Heights
Its ergonomic and flexible design makes it easier to manoeuvre and is height adjustable to suit you!
8 Steam Channels
The 8 channel steam distribution system, cleans, deodorises and helps sanitise
Includes These:
  • H2O SteamFX Pro
  • Microfibre Mop Cloth
  • 3 Extension Poles
  • Long Nozzle
  • Mop Head
  • Window Cleaning & Garment Tool with Squeegee

  • Garment Steamer Tool
  • Window Cleaner Super Absorbent Cloth
  • Garment Steamer Microfibre Cloth
  • Round Brush
  • Bent Nozzle
  • Prestige Pack Extra Extension Hose
  • Prestige Pack Extra Grout Brush
  • Prestige Pack Extra Scrubbing Pad
  • Prestige Pack Extra Scraper
  • Prestige Pack Extra Garment Cloth
  • Prestige Pack Extra Window Cleaner Cloth
  • Prestige Pack Extra Microfibre Floor Cloth
Clean, Deodorize, & Help Sanitize Without Harmful Chemicals!
Effective, Efficient & Versatile
The Perfect Way to Steam Clean All Your Floors!
No Chemicals - Just the Power of Steam!
Unlike bulky mops & buckets filled with water, the SteamFX PRO is super lightweight, weighing less than 3lbs!
Perfect for EVERY ROOM in the House!
Sanitize, Deodorize, and Clean Virtually Any Surface in Your Home with the POWER of Steam!
Join The H2O Family

"H2O" series steam cleaners have been sold in over 80 countries worldwide.

Join the world famous, award-winning H2O® family
From the H2O X5® to H2O® HD, the H2O® family of steam cleaners have a solution for every home. With powerful chemical free steam blasting away dirt and bacteria, you can feel confident that your H2O® steam cleaner will give you the cleanest home you've ever had!

The H2O® Steam FX™ Pro is the perfect way to join the award-winning H2O® family.
Your “Go Anywhere” Whole House Cleaning Solution!
Clean every surface in your home using only the power of steam!
  • Powerful
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Chemical Free
  • Easy To Use
  • Affordable